Sydney church stabbing treated as ‘terrorist act’


  • A bishop was allegedly stabbed during a live stream of a mass in western Sydney, being treated as a terrorist attack by NSW police.
  • A strike force has been set up by the NSW police to investigate the incident involving clashes with police after the stabbing of the Orthodox Christian leader.
  • The NSW Premier and police commissioner have labeled the investigation as major and serious


  • A Sydney bishop was attacked during a service, with a 16-year-old suspect apprehended by parishioners and in police custody.
  • Both the injured bishop and another victim are undergoing surgery, and Australian authorities are deploying investigative powers following the attack.
  • The incident is being treated as a terrorist attack by the NSW Premier, leading to a surge in community outrage outside the church.



  • The left emphasizes the police response and community clash following the stabbing, not explicitly labeling it a terrorist act.
  • The center is emphasized on classifying the event as a terrorist act, providing detailed background on the attacker and wider community reactions.
  • The right emphasizes the religious extremism motive and broader societal reactions, including statements from community leaders, a detail not emphasized in the left.

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