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Hey, I’m Shubham! 👋 I’m a 19-year old student from Delhi University with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship. Throughout my life, I’ve seen how social media can bring people together. But lately, it feels like popular platforms are using us instead of empowering us. I want to change that. I started my first business in 11th grade, and now I’m building a startup while still in college to reimagine social connection. Balancing classes and entrepreneurship is a grind! But the hustle is worth it to turn my vision into reality. I’m determined to create an online space designed for people, not profits. My mission with Gama is simple: leverage technology thoughtfully to foster human creativity, community, and positive vibes. A platform where we call the shots – not algorithms. Imagine hanging with friends in augmented worlds you co-create. Or zipping through user-made AR mini games between classes. A social feed free of misinformation and harassment. Just good times and chill communities. This is just the beginning of our journey. Together, let’s shape an online world that empowers our generation. Our ideas. Our mental health. Our futures. I can’t do it without you. Join me, and let’s redefine social media on our terms 🙌 Let’s turn imagination into reality, one post at a time.